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Negotiation Process

Negotiation Process

Telecom Contract Negotiation Process Includes

  • Analysis of existing or new contract terms and conditions, and SLAs and SLAs credit terms for service delivery and for non performance. Analysis of prices (MRCs), revenue commitment, rates, trends, savings opportunities and strategizing accordingly.
  • Analysis of current annual voice and data telecom expenses and indentifying services that constitute high percentages of the annual spend. Sending formal Request for Quotation (RFQ) to the top reputable Telecom vendors in your market.
  • Negotiating best market competitive prices, terms and SLAs. Exploring different technology options with the customer’s technical team to discover alternatives that may maximize savings where applicable.
  • Collecting information regarding any special technical and service management requirements from stakeholders to negotiate with vendors. Analysis and evaluation of proposals for price and compliance with client’s requirements.
  • Presenting timely high level progress and savings analysis reports to senior management with our recommendations and leaving the final decision to them to make regarding which vendor to select, the term of the contract, revenue commitment, product type, etc.
  • Building contract governance if required and delivering them to management. Presenting the customer with executable contract for their legal team review and management sign off.

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