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Josone Resting Park (Varadero beach)


Josone Resting Park was a private residence and resting place for Jose Fermín Iturrioz and Llaguno and his wife Onelia. Jose Fermin was an influential person in the world of the Arrechavala Company, a famous rum factory and refinery of the 50`s in the 20th century in Cuba.

The name comes from the union of the first letters from Jose and Onelia :JOS and ONE, as an expression of their love.

This park, having approximately 9 he and built in the bordering areas of the Laguna de La Paz( The Peace Lagoon), is the biggest natural area in the historic Varadero. Here coexist natural, historic, architectonic, cultural , floral and ornithological values.

Open from 9 am to 11 pm

Services: related to Nautics, recreation, pool, restaurant, bar, selling of handicraft,events, dinners and banquets for celebrations.

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