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Club Amigo (Atlantico) Guardalavaca – Holguin

Club Amigo (Atlantico) Guardalavaca

Hotel Club Amigo Guardalavaca Holguin Cuba    Cuban administration (Club Amigo)



The hotel has direct access to the beach named Playa Guardalavaca. This beach in Holguin is divided into three sectors: Hotel Club Amigo Guardalavaca (580 m), Brisas Guardalavaca (430 m) and the public beach to the East. On the beach, there are chairs, palapas, a bar and water sports center for marine activities. Please note that the hotels Brisas and Club Amigo are frequented by Cuban customers during the low season. As the beaches are not private in Cuba, you must expect to see Cuban on the beach. After all, we are guests in their country!


This resort is adjacent to the Brisas Guardalavaca. As this hotel has been opened for so many years, a commonality of lovers of the hotel has developed and a website has been dedicated to Friends of Club Amigo Guardalavaca.

Owner: Cubanacan (Cuba)
Administered by: Club Amigo (Cuba)
Year of construction: 1976
Number of rooms: 747
Buildings: 9 édifices
Adapted rooms: 4
234 standard rooms double
233 rooms tropical
136 rooms Bungalows
144 rooms Villas
Suites: 8
Mini-suites: 12


4 swimming pools
Medical Centre ($)
Gym (air conditioned)
Internet ($)
Check-in: 16h / Check-out: 12h
Shops ($)
Beauty Salon ($)
Kid’s club
Rentals ($)
Natuical center


1 king bed or 2 twin beds
Air Conditioning
CD player
Coffee maker
Satellite TV
Safety deposit box ($)
Bathroom with shower
Balcony or patio
Electricity: 220 Volts
Maximum occupancy: 3 people
Mini fridge (bottled water)
Magnetic card (room)

Los Panchitos (buffet)
Cuisine national & international
Breakfast: 7h @ 10h
Lunch: 12h30 @ 14h30
Dinner: 18h30 @ 21h30

Los Britales (buffet)
Cuisine national & international
Located in the Tropical sector
Breakfast: 7h @ 10h
Lunch: 12h30 @ 14h30
Dinner: 18h30 @ 21h30

1720 (buffet)
Cuisine nationale & internationale
Located in the bungalow sector
Breakfast: 7h @ 10h
Lunch: 12h30 @ 14h30
Dinner: 18h30 @ 21h30

Benny Moré (a la carte)
Cuisine Cuban (Creole)
Located in the Villas sector
Dinner: 18h30 @ 21h30

El Fuerte (a la carte)
Located in the bungalow sector
Dinner: 18h30 @ 21h30

Las Espadas (a la carte)
Cuisine International
Located in the Tropical sector
Dinner: 18h30 @ 21h30

El Guatiao (a la carte)
Cuisine Italian
Located in the Villas sector
Dinner: 18h30 @ 21h30   Bars

Mary and Mo
Lobby bar (7h @ 23h)

Section Bungalow
(7h @ 23h)

Section Villas
(24 hrs)

La Pinta
Section Tropical
Swim-up bar
(10h @ 16h30)

La Niña
Lobby bar
(7h @ 23h)

Los Amigos
Section principale
(10h @ 16h30)

La Santa Maria
Section Tropicale
(7h @ 19h)

Café Guardalavaca Disco
(23h @ 1h30)

Chateau Amigo ($)
Section Villas
(17h @ 23h)

Reservations for the A la carte restaurants will be held at the Reservations Desk from 9h to 12h and 13h to 15h. You may reserve up to three restaurants. It is obligatory to wear a collared shirt and long pants for men in the A la carte restaurants.

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