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Cayo Largo

Cayo Largo, located in Los Canarreos archipelago, has some of the most impressive natural attractions of Cuban geography. Its pristine nature outstands for its preservation.

Iguanas, turtles, pelicans and other species very well cared for, also benefited by the climate and the degree of environmental hygiene, have made of this area their habitat zone.

Cayo Largo beaches extend 25 km in the Caribbean Sea and are marked by the beautiful and permanent turquoise blue of its waters, the softness of its white sands and the smooth movement of its waves. They are ideal spaces for outdoor recreation and nautical sports.

For contemplative diving we have zones where significant depth and marine diversity turn the sea bottom into coral gardens where many species of fish and tropical molluscs live.

Together with the beauty of its submarine environment, Cayo Largo and its neighboring Isle of Youth offer to those who love nature and trekking adventures that for sure, they`ll never forget.

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