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Advantages for Hiring Cuba Telecom Consulting To Handle Your Contract Negotiation Needs:Why should you hire Cuba Telecom Consulting to negotiate your telecom contracts instead of having your employees engage in such negotiations? The best answer is simple:

  • We will always achieve better results because this is our specialty.
  • Time resources and negotiation expertise will be devoted to your project to achieve the best market competitive prices and terms for your organization which will result in substantial annual savings and stronger Ts and Cs along with better SLA credit terms.
  • We have access to large numbers of live contracts and data repositories that always keep us current with the latest pricing and market trends which in return enhances the savings opportunities for the negotiated contracts.
  • Another great advantage is you will no longer need a permanent sourcing team of employees and that alone may save your organization up to a million dollars or more per year in payroll spend. Our cost will be a fraction of such cost to handle the projects from A-Z including project and vendor management, high level reports, meetings and conference calls with your senior management.

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